How to Sell Shoutouts on Twitter / X

Social media has changed the way we do business, connect with others, and build our personal and professional networks. One platform that has proven highly effective is Twitter. For users with a large following, tweeting for money is not only possible, it’s commonly done. One of the ways to monetize this following is through Twitter shoutouts. In the following article, we will dive deep into the world of shoutouts, explaining what they are, how to sell them effectively, and provide valuable tips to maximize your earnings.

What are Twitter Shoutouts?

Twitter shoutouts are a form of endorsement where one Twitter user promotes another user, a product, or a service in a tweet. They are akin to paid advertisements, but come with the personal recommendation of the user giving the shoutout, making them a powerful tool of promotion. The person or brand being promoted obviously benefits from the exposure, but this can also be a profitable income stream for influencers with large followings. Let’s take a detailed look at how you can effectively sell shoutouts on Twitter.

Building a Strong Twitter Presence

The key to selling shoutouts on Twitter is to first establish a strong Twitter presence. Here are a few pointers on how to do that:

  • Consistently share high-quality, relevant content that your followers will find interesting or engaging.
  • Engage with your followers through replies, retweets, and likes. This helps create a strong rapport and makes your followers feel valued.
  • Be proactive in following people in your niche and engaging with their content. It encourages reciprocation and increases your exposure.

Using Automated Marketing Tools

Marketing tools can help you manage and scale your Twitter account. Tools like Hootsuite and Buffer allow you to plan and schedule tweets, track engagement metrics, and analyze the performance of your posts. Understanding these metrics can help you create content that resonates better with your audience, hence, strengthening your position to sell shoutouts.

Setting your Price

Deciding how much to charge for a Twitter shoutout can be tricky. You want to ensure your rate is competitive, but also reflective of your worth. Consider factors such as your follower count, engagement rate, the relevancy of the advertised product to your audience, and the time it takes you to create the shoutout.

The cost of Twitter shoutouts can vary widely depending on several factors such as follower count, engagement, niche, and overall reach. It’s important to note that there is no set industry standard for shoutout pricing, and it ultimately depends on the agreement between the parties involved. However, here is a general breakdown based on follower count and engagement:

1. Follower Count:
– Under 10,000 followers: Shoutouts from accounts with smaller followings generally range from $10 to $100 per shoutout.
– 10,000 to 50,000 followers: Shoutouts from accounts in this range may typically be priced between $50 and $300 per shoutout.
– 50,000 to 100,000 followers: Shoutouts from accounts with larger followings may range from $200 to $500 per shoutout.
– 100,000 to 1 million followers: Shoutouts from accounts with this follower range usually start around $500 and can go up to a few thousand dollars per shoutout.
– 1 million+ followers: Shoutouts from accounts with extremely large followings can range widely, from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands per shoutout.

2. Engagement:
– High engagement: If an account has a high engagement rate (e.g., high likes, retweets, comments), the cost per shoutout will generally be higher due to the increased likelihood of reach and visibility. Additional premium charges may apply based on engagement rate metrics.

Of course, you can price how you feel you should given your platform awareness and what you think businesses would be willing to pay.

Promoting your Shoutout Services

To sell shoutouts, it’s crucial to promote this service to prospective clients. Here are some strategies:

  • Include a line in your Twitter bio or pinned tweet announcing that you offer shoutout services.
  • Create a separate ‘business inquiries’ email address, and include this in your Twitter bio.
  • Reach out to brands you’re interested in working with directly, offering them your shoutout services.

Creating Compelling Shoutouts

The success of a Twitter shoutout hinges on its quality. Whenever you’re crafting a shoutout, make sure that it’s engaging, on-brand, and appeals to your audience. If your followers feel that the shoutout is authentic and aligns with your usual content, they’re more likely to interact with it, which in turn leads to a higher engagement rate for your paid tweets – a key metric brands consider when deciding to buy shoutouts.

Working with a Shoutout Platform

Consider working with a shoutout platform that connects influencers with brands looking to advertise. Rack hosts transactions between you and businesses searching for opportunities like shoutouts. Joining such platforms can significantly simplify the process of selling shoutouts for the twitter / X platform and other channels/mediums.


Selling shoutouts on Twitter represents an exciting opportunity for influencers looking to monetize their social media following. It requires effort, strategy, and perseverance to build a robust online presence and cultivate an engaged audience, but with the right methods and tools, anyone with a significant Twitter following can tap into this lucrative avenue. Remember, success won’t come overnight, but with dedication, an enticing content strategy, and genuine engagement with your audience, you’ll be well equipped to embark on this exciting venture. Happy Tweeting!