How to sell ads on your WordPress blog

A steady stream of income is the ultimate dream for many bloggers, and you can achieve this by selling advertisements on your WordPress blog. It can be a lucrative method and, at the same time, provides viable ways for businesses to reach a large audience of your blog. This article will guide you through the process of selling advertising space, the benefits of it and how to go about it.

Why Sell Ads on Your WordPress Blog?

Selling ads on your blog can generate a steady stream of income. It’s a common way to monetize your site without relying on affiliate marketing, sponsored content, or product sales. Plus, it’s direct, you set your rates, choose your sponsors and you’re in complete control over which ads get posted.

Some benefits of selling ads on your WordPress blog:

  • Direct interaction with sponsors: You have the ability to choose who advertises on your blog. You can keep your blog’s integrity and only partner with brands that align with your blog’s philosophy and audience.
  • Control over income: With direct advertisements, you have the power to set the price. Depending on your traffic, audience engagement, and niche you can set competitive prices for your ad space.
  • Routine income: Selling ad spaces can earn you an ongoing income. If you set up a monthly advertisement system, it guarantees a regular income for your blog.

How to Get Started

You’ve decided to start selling ads, but how do you get started on this path? Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you through this process.

Step 1: Prepare Your Blog

Before you start selling ad space, make sure your blog is appealing to potential advertisers. This means making sure it’s professional, engaging, and attracting a decent amount of traffic. Advertisers need to feel they will benefit from advertising on your blog. The appeal of your blog incorporates several design elements and ongoing activity on your blog to remain regular and relevant.

Next, you will need to identify ad space opportunities within your blog. This usually includes home pages, category pages, within content, sidebars and footers. Additionally, if you have other channels like YouTube, Podcasts, Newsletters, Social accounts etc, these are also places where you can sell your ad space.

Creating ad space on your WordPress blog is super simple. If you are using Gutenberg or other builders like Elementor/WP Bakery, you can simply drop image blocks in.

If you aren’t using a builder, you can find plugins that allow you to insert ads in your theme.

Step 2: Determine Your Advertising Rates

One of the tricky parts of selling ads is determining the price you’re going to charge. Your rates should be competitive while at the same time, it should reflect the value of your audience. You could charge based on the number of impressions (CPM) or a flat rate for a set amount of time.

Step 3: Create an Advertising Page

Create a dedicated page on your blog that spells out your advertising opportunities, details about your audience, your rates, testimonials, and how to get in touch with you. This is a crucial part as advertisers would need this information to make their decisions.

With Rack, you can create an Advertising page in under 60 seconds. Leverage connected payments, buyer screening and manage sales within the Rack dashboard for free.

Step 4: Reach Out to Potential Advertisers

You can’t just wait for advertisers to come to you. You have to actively reach out to them. Identify potential advertisers that are in a similar niche to your blog and send them a pitch with the information of your advertising opportunities.

If you have built a community of readers, include links to your Advertising page in your navigation menu, website footer, social media accounts, email newsletters, podcasts and more.

Remember, readers can also be potential business owners who wish to partner up and advertise.

Leveraging Third-Party Ad Networks

While managing direct ad sales, you may also want to consider joining third-party ad networks. Google’s AdSense is one such popular network that connects bloggers with advertisers and automatically places ads on your site based on your content and audience.

Monetizing Your Website with Self-Serve Ads

In addition to the above, modern platforms like Rack provide tools to help bloggers monetize their site while giving them the advantages of full control.

Rack is a helpful ad management platform that lets you create self-serve ads, allowing users to buy ad spots directly from your website. It is an efficient way to monetize your blog by removing the middleman and having control over the advertisers and ads displayed on your site.


Selling ads on your WordPress blog can be a rewarding way to monetize your efforts. By using the direct approach, you have control over who advertises on your blog, you can set your prices, and earn regular income. It’s not always smooth, but with determination and a quality audience, it can be a great source of income for bloggers.

Platforms like Rack can also make ad management easier, allowing you to maximize revenue from ad sales while maintaining control over the ads displayed on your site. Happy Ad selling!